Creating Memorable Journeys: Genesis GV70 Driving Experience

Creating Memorable Journeys: Genesis GV70 Driving Experience

Client company:
Genesis Motors China
Organising company:
VOK DAMS worldwide

The Event

To present the new mid-size luxury SUV GV70, Genesis invited their media guest to a glamping outdoor testdrive experience to discovery the powerful forcefield in an incredible mountain surrounding.

Life is not just about the journey, it’s also about the destination and creating memories. In today’s busy life, moments of quiet, moments of slowing down are important. Genesis is about these moments. A large part of the GV70 target group are urban professionals in city settings. Moments of calm are hard to come by in China’s metropolises, therefore we took our guests to nature for a discovery of quiet luxury in an unexpected setting for set the tone of their media reports and press articles.
Not just the “glamping” setting was surrounded by the calm of nature, all the event design and displays were inspired by the surrounding natural environment. Through different elements such as the use of rocks, wood and steel, we combined raw nature with the elegance of the GV70.
The combination of nature and luxury settings and cuisine created a memorable setting to discover the GV70 and the Genesis brand with space to breath and enjoy both the drive and the destination.

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