Experience Estonia. Experience Us.

Experience Estonia. Experience Us.

Client company:
Yolo Group
Organising company:
Milestone Events

The Event

Our goal was to develop an engaging, bold, and well-structured concept that would astonish 150 global C-level executives, elevating international partnerships to new heights without leaving Estonia.

We designed a daring, yet highly strategic 4-day ‘experience’, seamlessly blending Estonia’s hidden gems with Yolo’s distinctive touch. This journey involved exploring local delights and fostering quality time together — from the moment people set foot on the land, day and night.

We rebranded the event as an ‘experience’, structured around six stages. Through these stages, participants not only become acquainted with Estonia and the core values of Yolo, but, most importantly, with each other.

We held 12 separate events over the course of 4 days, each of which had to seamlessly merge into the overarching ‘story.’ It had to be executed flawlessly to ensure that guests’ transitions between different parts of the experience would be seamless.