Client company:
Fundación Mapfre and Spanish National Police
Organising company:
MKTG Spain

The Event

An educational roadshow and CSR activation to engage teenagers with the online risk prevention culture.

To capture the attention of young people and get the message across to them effectively, we adopted a graphic & audiovisual language that they are used to, as well as gamification and interactive elements to promote learning in a playful way. With this in mind, we set out to create a street-based experience that would generate expectation, notoriety, curiosity and awareness and encourage public participation, offering a direct message that would make them think.
To do this, we designed a space under the guise of a very fun attraction, full of colours and flashing lights, allowing young people to experience the two sides to social media: the good and the bad. We created an illusion in a highly instagrammable and immersive space, full of colours that hide the darkest messages. This is how Ciberland, a space with its own identity, was born. Based on a museum exhibition approach, it educates young people, encouraging them to discover and reflect on the hidden dangers of the digital world.