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The Ease of Being Samsung Connected Living Go-to-Market Campaign 2019
  • BEST B2C EVENT (> €500.000)
  • Brand Experience

The Ease of Being Samsung Connected Living Go-to-Market Campaign 2019

Client company:
Samsung Electronics GmbH
Organising company:
Cheil Germany GmbH, Faktor 3 AG, Faktor 3 Live

Category Winner

1st BEST B2C EVENT (> €500.000)

The Event

Connected Living Experience Go-to-Market Campaign at relevant touchpoints before, during and after IFA 2019 for various target audiences such as customers, consumers, press, dealers and VIPs.

People are aware of the existence of smart devices, but they don´t know how easy to connect and use they are. Many customers have tried smart devices separately but still feel far away from a seamless interaction journey with several different devices at the same time, especially within their own home.

Therefore, our concept needed to unite all the important elements in life. There needs to be a connection with our loved ones and our home, anytime and anywhere. We also wanted to change the perception of our target group in Germany and demystify technology to make life easier.

Creating experiences that show how effortlessly the customer can integrate Connected Living solutions into their life was key.

Function and platforms blend together to provide seamless and intelligent solutions that facilitates the life you aspire to live. This reflects the Samsung Value Proposition to 100%.
It’s “The ease of being.”