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A timeless journey, taken without leaving Enzo Ferrari’s birthplace, the MEF Museum in Modena.
From February 2020, the exhibition is still ongoing.

To celebrate the history of the Ferrari Gran Turismo collection, we have made them the protagonists of a “world tour”. A timeless journey, taken without leaving Enzo Ferrari’s birthplace in Modena. A dedicated installation-based exhibition, running for one year, which offers visitors an evocative and charming immersive brand experience. The stages of this Grand Tour centre around 5 imaginary gateways to 5 cities and iconic sites. Each gateway leads to an exhibition space featuring one or more spectacular GranTurismo models, which perfectly showcase Ferrari’s relationship with that place. The journey is designed to end in Italy, with the element at the heart of the entire exhibition: the Ferrari Roma – a Gran Turismo model launched very recently, offering a modern spin on the Dolce Vita of the ’50s and ’60s – presented on stage in the Eternal City, ready to embark on the Grand Tour.