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The Event

IFA, a world leading consumer electronics tradeshow, draws over 24,5000 media and trade visitors from 160 countries. The event is a strategic opportunity to showcase the latest product innovations.

As a long-standing IFA exhibitor, Philips wanted to shake things up with their approach for IFA 2019. Visitors were treated to an innovative immersive improv theatre experience with unique features, cool technology and fun audience interactions.
Visitors were welcomed to the Healthy Home by the Philips Family, who were preparing for a housewarming party. A cast of actors played out scripted and improv scenes in rooms of the house using Philips products. Most importantly, visitors were encouraged to participate in various product experiences that demonstrated how Philips adaptive products could be personalised to meet the needs of individual consumers.
Visitors were then invited back to the booth at 4.30pm for the start of the housewarming party and were treated to a high-energy, fun and fully immersive party experience.
Other cool experiences included a projection mapped piece, an upside-down room experience, and a polaroid photo experience—just to name a few!