Green Lights for the Champions

Green Lights for the Champions

Client company:
Heineken - Sociedade Central de Cervejas
Organising company:
Red Door Agency

Category Winner

The Event

A brand activation with the purpose to create awareness of the UCL Finals visit to Lisbon, after Istambul had to cancel the event, focused in the target 18/54 ABC and to Heineken, master sponsor.

In such a critical period in our history, when people were forced to stay home, we needed tho bring some hope and a feeling of celebration for such an important event that was arriving in Lisbon… and all this in absolutely safety. We decided to use green lights to support our idea and we choose strategic venues in Lisbon that were lit on a special day creating a unique experience and outstanding digital content. We used the number 8 that represented the 8 teams visiting Lisbon and we lit green 8 sailboats in the Tagus River, 8 apartments of a residential building with people inside enjoying responsibly and 8 bars creating unique moments that went viral all over the world.