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The Event

Organize a highly spectacular PR event to celebrate and experience the bond between Cinema and Campari brand’s history.

Cinema is part of Campari brand’s history: this bond inspired a special event that represents on one hand the creative drive for passion and on the other a dreamy world in which a cinema on the water can exist.
A unique format, both in terms of production complexity and impactful live communication.
It tooks 15 days of preparation to finish the floating structure (40mx10m) and transport it to the final location: a floating structure that houses the stage and the screen to fully experience the cinema on the water.
More than thirty historic Venetian boats with seats and cushions to accommodate guests and a mooring system in complete safety with the support of a team of professionals by sea.
A four-day schedule of international stars, celebrities, influencers, brand content, commercial partnerships and a world preview of content.
High quality food & beverage service and starred dinner signed by chef Alajmo.