Client company:
Budweiser, Anheuser-Busch InBev
Organising company:
WINK & Octagon

The Event

Budweiser launched their biggest integrated marketing program in history during Super Bowl LIV in Miami. An epic content-generating once in a life-time experience starring international creators.

Budweiser doesn’t build experiences for the sake of building experiences, but rather, telling compelling stories through the lens of its brand and ambassadors. New age creators have a major impact and add a whole new dimension to traditional marketing. They are great storytellers with great engagement and are co-creators of culture online. When it comes to how they engage with brands, more than any other generation, they crave authenticity. Experiential marketing creates that real connection with like-minded.

In Miami, Budweiser invited 200 Kings of culture from over 21 countries for three days. Gave them the perfect backdrop, a stage to showcase their creativity and a content studio to create the ultimate content to share their stories. The entire BUDX Miami program was built around a “publisher mind-set,” meaning Budweiser needed to understand what creators value, to provide them the ultimate content driven experience. Budweiser, only gave them the tools, they created the rest.