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EDP Knock Out Pitch @ Web Summit’19

EDP Knock Out Pitch @ Web Summit’19

Client company:
Organising company:
POP Group

The Event

Creation of a disruptive brand experience for the presence of EDP at Web Summit 2019, a Portuguese energy company whose target was startups and the overall Web Summit audience.

There were four different experiences within the stand: 1. EDP Knock Out Pitch; 2. Be the Next Unicorn; 3. EDP Interactive Innovation Journey; 4. Lounge Area
The EDP Knock Out Pitch – Mind Blowing Ideas concept was designed to attract startups to the EDP Universe. We have created a boxing ring, with a lifting platform for the startups to present their ideas.
Be the Next Unicorn – We created a lifting Unicorn to generate buzz about the stand on social media, with instant photo sharing.
To present EDP’s innovation projects, we created the EDP Interactive Innovation Journey, an immersive cube isolated from the Web Summit frenzy, in which the interaction with the contents was actioned by gestures, providing an interactive journey through the universe of EDP’s innovation projects.
In the lounge area it was possible to have extra in-depth meetings with startups after the pitch, charge mobile phones or other devices and also relax.