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Siemens Kerstival

Siemens Kerstival

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The Event

Cosy Christmas gatherings in COVID times? During the Siemens Kerstival we made it happen in a virtual village full of recognizable places to discover.

Combining art, storytelling and modern techniques, we have given the loyal people from Siemens the real holiday season-feeling that was so important in those uncertain times. We created The Siemens Kerstival. Kerst means Christmas in the Netherlands. And the feeling that we wanted to create was similar to a winter festival. That is why the phrase Kerstival created the best possible ambiance to describe the event. To host this unique online Christmas experience, we built a custom-made platform and designed an extraordinary virtual environment in modern Dickens style. The vibrant Christmas village was full of places that matter to the people working at Siemens. For example, they could explore:
– the Nieuwe Kerk in The Hague, where – for over 30 years – traditionally the Christmas celebrations are held.
– the famous Mauritshuis museum, that is supported by Siemens for decades.
– the Skyline of The Hague and
– Siemens’ head office