Client company:
Organising company:
Media Apparat GmbH

The Event

RINGANA, a multinational brand for beauty care & nutrition supplements, celebrated their anniversary. They invited their “Fresh Partners” from more than 30 countries for a special hybrid experience.

The creative baseline for the event was “25 Years – Ingredients for the future”
The ingredients:
core values of RINGANA
ingredients of their products
more than 100.000 Fresh partners

this baseline was implemented in all aspects – event ci, plattform, show structure, communication on SM.
They even implemented the “ingredients” concept in their general communication afterwards

Fully “virtual production” – planning every camera angle and framing for the before it even happened in realtime 3D.
Special 3-stage-setup – shift the focus in every scene.
Co creation of internationally renowned TV director with event director that combined TV accuracy with event emotions
room concept that fully changed the whole salzburg arena for each part. The room was used in 3 different directions for the show, the break and the party.
a virtual hybrid charity run where you could participate online and offline. online with audio stream and live tracking of the personal run via the platform