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Coca-Cola HBC “Adapt2Win”

Coca-Cola HBC “Adapt2Win”

Client company:
Coca-Cola HBC Poland & Baltics

The Event

Coca-Cola HBC “Adapt2Win” Commercial Conference 2021 was an online event targeted at introducing the company’s key strategic directions for 2021 to Coca-Cola HBC Poland and Baltics employees.

For each of the six brands that are part of the Coca-Cola portfolio we created a separate, visual communication platform in a 3D world. Each of the platforms had its own speakers, theme, virtual set and specially created attractions reflecting the world of the brand. For example, Costa Coffee space was located in a southern Italian town – made virtually in 3D, from where the speaker on a Vespa scooter set off on a journey through northern Italy, reaching a modern Costa café in London (the place of origin of the brand). We also transported participants to the Amazon jungle, where we placed a wall made of bottles, symbolizing the biggest challenge in the world today – the fight against waste. In order to present the company’s key objectives in the pursuit of a “World without Waste”, we used the analogy of mountain climbing. As first agency in Poland we used a computer game engine (Unreal Engine 4) to create visually advanced, evocative and modern-looking 3D worlds.