Client company:
Pernod Ricard
Organising company:

Category Winner

The Event

This corporate event was fully digital and aimed to gather the 19 000 employees of Pernod Ricard group around a strategic plenary, many business sessions, brand activations and gaming experiences.

The creative idea was to recreate in 3D the island of Les Embiez, to host the event. Several hotspots with different function and content were displayed on the platform with both live events and on-demand content, as well as real gaming experiences to engage audience.
A fully immersive introduction video to start the event
1 plenary kenote in XR, translated in real-time in 11 languages
1 Awards Ceremony broadcasted, translated in real-time in 11 languages
+30 exclusive brand activations on the evening
+40 business meetings, mandatory or on-demand
A personal agenda to build and customize
An avatar configurator
A match match-making engine to suggest participants in the bars
many games: a virtual pétanque, an S&R trail
4 virtual 3D bars, with a 360° navigation, chats, teams apero
A brand game in 360° navigation to find 30 hidden brands with
Over the 2 days, attendees could make their own agenda in addition of the 2 mandatory lives (the keynote and the Award Ceremony).