Client company:
Daiichi Sankyo Europe GmbH

The Event

An integrated product launch communication incl. the launch event for all employees, a storytelling campaign and community building formats to sucessfully enter an all new market segment.

Due to the pandemic, to set up a completely new business unit to enter an all new market segment was a challenging task and needed a strong story to be told.
Takeko became the protagonist of the pre-communication series on an online collaboration platform, that brought together all employees to learn about the mission, initiate interactions and introduced the approach for the future.
In March the launch event combined virtual and real settings with un-real gaming technology, also included VR and started off with a binaural audioplay.
The accompanying motto “open up a new dimension” pointed out, there is only one direction: UP. Daiichi leaders from all over the world gave insights into the strategy. Breakout session gave the employees the chance to shape their mindsets. And Takeko appeared in reality to hand over her logbook to all the employees. Following the launch event, it is up to them to write the story further and stay connected all over Europe on the online platform.