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Edd Enel Digital Days 2021

Edd Enel Digital Days 2021

Client company:
Enel S.p.A
Organising company:
Alphaomega Srl

The Event

Event on VOD platform that digitally transforms the cascading model of communication and communication of the strategic plan to the Enel world (60,000 pax). Active from 1 February to 31 March.

The Netflix of Enel. Edd 2021 is a TV publishing project, based on an original and proprietary video streaming platform. A catalogue of original video productions created for all the Group’s business lines in 16 countries, and released according to a progressive schedule of about 2 months of programming.
A master format, with adaptations and variations of each episode (themes, content, guests) from the individual owners (Business Lines and countries).