Client company:
Dachser Group SE & Co. KG

The Event

An event with a storyline introducing the new CEO & his team. Five sets connect values, operations & vision. A digital event, interactively initiating a new, more agile culture. Then – a digital show.

We decided for five settings that connected the values with the operations and vision. Dynamic camera movements, scenic transitions, media and emphasis on AR: we staged all protagonists dynamically and individually in their context.

Furthermore, we developed our interactive platform (onIT) specifically for this event. It offered a home for the guests and an interactive, visually extending framework.

The first day was about the connection of the settings: a three dimensional, emotionally staged award ceremony – with an interactive floor projection, performers, lighting, video and the applause of the digital guests – interactively transmitted into the space.

On the second day we addressed the new strategic paths. The precisely staged protagonists, the interaction of the guests, the strategic settings, the way of addressing the future – a starting signal for an integral communication process. Not just an event – but a relevant element for strategic storytelling overall.