Client company:
Organising company:
Gyro AS

The Event

Digital Christmas party for all employees. Talkshow with guests, music and quiz. Live broadcasted.

The viewers were engaged by participating in our own Gjensidige Christmas quiz. Each department had to find the answers both before and during the event.
Famous Norwegian TV-host Harald Rønneberg and our Group CEO Helge Baastad were the programme hosts, and guests in our studio were world champion in athletics, Karsten Warholm, and his coach, Leif Olav Alnes, both of whom we had signed a sponsorship agreement with earlier in 2020. They are popular guests in major talk shows, and it was therefore extra special to have them as guests on our own Christmas programme.
No Christmas show is complete without music, and a number of well-known artists performed live from the studio. The comedian Christian Mikkelsen impersonated the Michelin star winning chef Hellstrøm in our Christmas cooking segment,, and he challenged two of our management directors to a Christmas dish duel.