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Mission Maximize – We Are Unstoppable

Mission Maximize – We Are Unstoppable

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The Event

With the Mission Maximize kick-off and campaign approach, we stimulated the team’s mindset of 900 KPN sales employees. We prepared them for a mission; to grow together in 2021!

The concept ‘Mission Maximize’ is based on the key behaviors and strategy of KPN, which made it an optimal fit. Why? Because when you are on a mission, you face unforeseen circumstances that can only be overcome together. Just like a mission, the goal is achieved through teamwork, by continuing to strive for growth, by asking for help and by never losing sight of your targets. These elements fit KPN’s key behaviors (ask for help, teamwork, accountability, push for growth and customer first) seamlessly. Mission Maximize arose. The mission’s tagline “We are unstoppable” emphasizes the strength and quality of the KPN team. The mission-theme was translated in various program and project components to realize the feeling of a true mission. Examples:
• Mission briefing by sales director
• Mission statements from employees
• Mission control as studio
• Matching copy and design in all communications