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The Event

— Get the primary critical benefits to the customer by interacting with the car;
— Create the right emotional experience to generate traffic to dealerships;

Twenty-five years ago, he already surfed in Australia, met the sunrises on the Atlantic coast, went hiking with friends, and now he is back to be your company’s soul. His interests are FMX, BMX, wakeboarding, drifting…

The key concepts used in building the event — Lifestyle (sports + “party”) and Recreation Active Vehicle — a machine for adventure and those who are not too lazy to search for them.

To emphasize the fact that the RAV4 is a car for active recreation with all-wheel drive, the main characters of the event were famous athletes – extremists from the team of Team Toyota Russia, they came off the screen and became “consultants” on the model – a mountain biker Pavel Alekhin, drifter Nikita Shikov, snowboarder Igor Ilinykh, and freestyler Alexei Kolesnikov.

And to demonstrate the novelty’s unique off-road systems’ abilities, four spectacular expositions were created, designed as sand and stony surfaces, snow, ice, and road slopes.