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The Event

This event takes place every 2 years, bringing together Fidelidade’s workers and partners from different parts of the world, with the main goal of discussing and sharing the company’s strategy.

From the “Think Bigger” concept we switched from the classic stage to what we call the “BOX”, which provided an immersive experience throughout the event! A three-dimensional projection box, with 42×22 meters in size, a resolution of 12.287×9.578, approximately 118 million pixels and 420,000 lumens. All projected content was created from scratch, specifically for the BOX format. All in all, 7 agencies were responsible for creating and producing the contents for the speakers, ensuring that they explored the box potential to its fullest. Since the projected content was tailor-made, and to ensure that everything was pixel perfect, prior to the event we built a small replica of the box, to test all the contents and fine-tune editing details.