Client company:
Many Canary Islands Hotels and Government Halls ( public event - non profit)
Organising company:
Water Laser Show ( JSC Fillin)

The Event

A unique way of getting to know the fauna of the Canary Islands. As the world increasingly responds to animal performances in the circus arena, the Water Laser Show has expressed its solidarity.

CIRCUS ON WATER project became fun for the whole family. The impressive design capabilities allowed the show to be performed in a space more than 10 meters high and 100 meters wide. With these dimensions and the professional application of technology, it was possible to create a promising show that fascinated every participant and, at least for a short time, every child was cared away into a magical and mysterious world of 3D WATER CIRCUS.
Stationary system that can be used to enjoy water show in areas where are no water. This is the only system in the world created by WATER LASER SHOW! Patented invention! Now you can see the water show on the football field, in the meadow or even on the sandy arena, with the aid of this world’s only patented device the place of water show event belongs to your imagination. The future starts now!
Last year, the very first directory of sustainable businesses in the Canary Island was launched! We’re very excited to be a part of it!