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Oriflame 2019 Gold TAA Conference

Oriflame 2019 Gold TAA Conference

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Oriflame, PS Occasion & Aktiva Event

The Event

Annual Oriflame Gold Conference for TAA region – 3000 top sales consultants from Turkey, Asia & Africa. 6-Day program with approx. 50 events happening in Stockholm. Carbon footprint neutral event.

• Linking the company’s core values (Togetherness, Spirit & Passion) to the all activities happening day by day
• Showcasing the Swedish culture & heritage in many of the activities, such as: in the artistic section of the Business Rally, during the Four Seasons Gala Show, during the historical city walk (to allow participants to experience Stockholm and also to visit historical places important for the company)
• Using bracelet technology (combining new technology with sustainable and recycled materials) throughout the program that allowed participants cashless transactions (in the purpose-built Oriflame Hub) and to be easily identified by event organizers
• Execution of the program using only sustainable solutions & sources (i.e. no car/bus transport, sustainable F&B, giveaways made out of recycled materials, e-cars for short VIP transfers, branding items made out of plants and rented materials, water stations)