Bea World Festival
Modra Zona / Blue Zone

Modra Zona / Blue Zone

Czech Republic
Client company:
Ceska Sporitelna
Organising company:
MVP events

The Event

Colours of Ostrava is the largest music festival in the Czech Republic with headliners such as Pharrell Williams, London Grammar or Imagine Dragons. Ceska Sporitelna is the Czech Republic’s biggest bank and it’s the festival main sponsor. The Modra Zona / The Blue Zone is the bank’s activation vehicle at the festival. We created a colourful presentation of a conservative bank as a festival partner. As colourful as the Colours of Ostrava Festival.

In the past the Blue Zone was open only for the clients and VIP guests although Ceska Sporitelna was the main partner of the festival. The only programme of the Zone  used to be a tribune with better view of the main stage and refreshment for VIP. And therefore was perceived as unfriendly and snobbish by the rest of the visitors of the festival. We managed to – for the same budget – open the Blue Zone for everyone, significantly upgrade the design of the zone, make the zone visible, improve the benefits for the clients and VIP guests, and provide the comfortable zone for everyone else. Ceska Sporitelna as the main sponsor brings benefits for all festival visitors and improves the festival itself.