Client company:
Revlon Professional
Organising company:
beon. Worldwide

The Event

The Style Masters Awards is the biggest hairstyling contest in the world, recognizing the work of the best hair professionals. Awards are bestowed in a gala show where hairstylists present their creations live, in front of 4,000 attendees. Revlon Professional event comprises several hairstyle catwalks, every of them inspired by the brand’s main product lines.

For this Style Master Show 2018 our teams created different areas of live show, in separated or interconnected levels, according to the event dynamics and rhythm. Large see-through fabrics of 9×3 meters, shaped a giant rectangle (33x18m) fully projectable both in its outer part and its inner floor. This, this versatile geometrical form allowed choreographies to be performed in the inside, while the outside projections interacted with the dancers; other times, the surface projections were hiding the scene inside the rectangle; and finally, shows and parades took place in the outer perimeter, and fabrics could move upwards to reveal the show from the rectangle interior, now elevated 5 meters over the floor. A great live show, ever-changing and unique.