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Hamburg Haemophilia Symposium 2021

Hamburg Haemophilia Symposium 2021

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onliveline & expopartner

The Event

A two day digital medical symposium with presentations & discussion presented in an interactive, scenic, dynamic, multi-spatial, filmic, charming way.

So we created a very special setting. We pretended for the 2 moderating doctors to be living together in the location & inviting different guests to them, in order to have medical discussions. We utilized black & white PTZ cameras to give an overview over the space & worked with two so called “guest cameras”, who pretended to be us, the visiting guests. The guest cam followed the moderating doctors, were addressed directly, presented the space & introduced to the visiting speakers.
We had a kitchen, a living room, a library, a bar & a TV room as well as one gondola on the roof.
Also we, the technical team were there, as the subtenants, who were sent by the medical moderators to help with the incoming postcards from the digital guests.
New formats like a battle, discussion rounds, award ceremony & poster presentation by the digital guests gave a great variation.
The interactive platform was utilized interactively with applause button, poster upload, voting, workshops, chats, network …