Digital Escape Room

Digital Escape Room

Client company:
Försvarsmakten (The Armed Forces)
Organising company:
Brand Arena Nordic Group AB

The Event

Digital event at the online student Saco fair for The Armed Forces.

During our customer journey, we realized that it was important to create a fun and unexpected digital activation that would appeal to all genders. We came up with the idea to create a digital Escape Room – an exciting collaborative exercise that tests a lot of skills you also need with The armed forces as an employer; quick on your feet, quick-thinking, good collaboration skills and time management. Digital Escape rooms are a popular activity within the target group in real life, and we, therefore, believed it would attract the target group to a new context in a digital space.

We created an appreciated digital activation that stood out from the crowd, engaged the target group, and attracted visitors to the Armed Forces’ digital booth. The activation felt analogous and innovative, even though the fair was digital. The solution was innovative and fun, perfect for the target group.