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VOK DAMS worldwide

The Event

On a field in the middle of Germany, we stage the new tractor and stream a spectacular show to a worldwide audience. Highlight is an unprecedented experiment, a stunt that takes us high into the air.

You dreamt it. We built it. – The new tractor is the result of passionate development work based on customer’s needs and it represents the Fendt brand’s deep understanding of agriculture.
The creative idea for our event is the logical continuation of this product claim:
You dreamt it. We built it. We show it.
In categories such as power, flexibility or comfort we provide proof of the product promise in a new event format: Live demo of technical features meets big picture TV entertainment. Everything culminates in an unprecedented stunt and the show highlight of our event: Can the Fendt 700 Vario get a glider into the air?
This special experiment is not only intended to demonstrate all the performance features of the new tractor. It also demonstrates the pioneering spirit and technical superiority of the Fendt brand. By combining the dream tractor with the eternal dream of flying, images are created that will not soon be forgotten. And which will be talked about for a long time to come