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Alfa Bank Ukraine Kick Off Meeting

Alfa Bank Ukraine Kick Off Meeting

Client company:
Alfa Bank Ukraine
Organising company:
Slupsky Event Management

The Event

It was planned as an inspiring Kick-Off meeting for TOP managers of Alfa Bank Ukraine, but one week before the war it turned out to become a true Challenge.

The objectives of the event were to present Alfa Bank Ukraine strategy in an innovative way to motivate 800 TOP managers. It was crucial to make the main people of Alfa feel confident enough to keep working and to pass over this strong belief after the event to 5 thousand of employees.
The creative concept was based on the release of Alfa verse, which unites people and technologies, to show the Alfa team new horizons and the next level of bank technologies meeting customers’ expectations. The event motto BE ALFA was combined with the core message: we are not afraid, we go further.