Client company:
EK Fashion
Organising company:

The Event

After COVID19 lockdowns EK Fashion wanted to reconnect retailers & suppliers. They also wanted show their existing and potential member the services that their have to offer and create new business.

We designed a congresstival; congress in festival atmosphere. We turned company goals into participant goals and designed a fully participant driven event. There were no speakers and mandatory timetables to follow. We offered a wide variety in workshops in which the participants could join and any given time. In addition there was a lot of room for fun activities such as musical workshops and games. Food & drinks were available all day and played a big part of the event and allowed them to connect, relax and enjoy.
Unique was EK Fashion Festival Radio; our own dedicated radio channel exclusively for the event.
Experience stared with travel radio; travel time became participant engagement through interviews and music showing them what they could expect during the day and setting the right atmosphere from the start.
During the event our DJ played music on site and via silent disco headphones guests could listen live to several interviews.