Bea World Festival
Arena – It’s in our nature

Arena – It’s in our nature

Client company:
Arena SpA
Organising company:
Piano B

The Event

50 years of the brand, new campaign and new goals. The stage is the beach, the setting sun the lights, the show involves everyone. Three days of work with the athletes and the new collections follow.

‘It’s in our nature’ talks about what has been and what will be Arena, which is increasingly looking to expand its community with an important eye on sustainability.
Hence the idea of inserting the guests in the splendid natural landscape, constructing a show that would adapt to the very nature of the location, no set up except for 3 platforms, no lighting system, just the sun and no backdrop, the sea. A free-body artistic performance that fluidly intersected with the product shows and many guests who represented
In order to recreate the immersiveness in nature, we made a meeting room totally devoid of personality and an immersive experience by creating video-scenes to match the fashion shows.