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Coca-Cola Projection mapping New Year’s Eve 2021

Coca-Cola Projection mapping New Year’s Eve 2021

Client company:
The Coca-Cola Company
Organising company:
MKTG Spain

The Event

A spectacular 3D video mapping and giant karaoke to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a 7,000 people strong crowd in central Madrid and a live TV audience of 20 million Spaniards across the country.

We created an experience that went beyond the borders of the physical event itself, becoming a part of the transmedia strategy that was complemented by the media and social media to spread our client message: that magic lives in everyday moments we share.
Thanks to the latest audiovisual technology, we were able to create a video mapping show inspired by Coca-Cola’s new “Real Magic” philosophy, watched live by the 7,000 people gathered at Puerta del Sol and reaching Spanish homes through the connection with this iconic New Year’s Eve location in Spain on the main television channels.
Applying a Karaoke-format and using an iconic New Year Spanish pop song as the sound track for the 3D video mapping we were able to create an emotional and interactive celebratory experience that resonated with a very wide audience. The lyrics of the iconic song were integrated into the projection content being projected on to the façade of the famous Real Casa de Correos.