Bea World Festival
Bidvest Future Now

Bidvest Future Now

South Africa
Client company:
The Bidvest Group Limited
Organising company:
David Bloch International

The Event

In March 2022, The Bidvest Group hosted its annual gala dinners for business partners and personnel, celebrating their resilience and strength, coupled with the revival of the live events industry.

In heralding a new dawn as a company, and making a bold statement that the future is no longer something to be planned, but something to be lived, from the dynamic program to the definitive décor, every creative element played a pivotal role in sharing The Bidvest Group’s resilience and relevance as an innovative stalwart in South Africa and beyond. As the biggest live corporate event post pandemic, from the strategic song selection to the décor that breathed life into the venue, and the LED golden orb that rose like the sun to reveal international artist Seal, to the unconventional concert venue choice; the impressive production was symbolic of a new era, and The Bidvest Group’s commitment to their partners and personnel to reopen for business, locally and internationally. With the promise of a new day, the textured patterns, inspired by the company logo, and reminiscent of San rock paintings, carved the start of a new chapter and story to be told through song, dance and celebration.