Bea World Festival
Opel Corsa & Astra Training Days

Opel Corsa & Astra Training Days

Client company:
Opel Belgium - PSA
Organising company:
New Balls Please

The Event

Training days for dealers and sellers. The lens was double, inaugurate all visitors in the technical details of the new cars and convert the negative spiral by the acquisition of Opel by the PSA group

To strengthen Opel as a brand, the event had to overwhelm visitors at the first glimpse. At the same time, there was a need for comfortable, cosy locations for the workshops. We integrated both by playing with the contrast between light and dark, small and large, open and closed. Illuminated, bright white domes in a darkened factory hall provided the visual Opel was looking for, without sacrificing functionality and comfort for the workshops.
Inside the domes we brought the atmosphere of the promo clips for the two cars to the interior. We used LED Astera tubes for this purpose.