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Staatskanzlei Schleswig Holstein
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The Event

There is no tradition for the German National Day, unlike most other countries. That’s why we set out to do what no one else has tried: to establish a tradition in which everyone can participate.

The central question: what suits us and the time? The topic of environment/sustainability moves us all – which is particularly evident in the topic of forests. Forests are an important part of the German culture/mythology – as well as currently a topic that moves mankind.
Our idea was to use this and to initiate the planting of trees as a ritual – the symbol for this is a symbol that we know from decades of the 50 “Pfennig” coin and serves as a signet for the campaign #einheitsbuddeln (unity diging) on social media.
Our idea: #einheitsbuddeln – every human planting a tree on the day of German Unity!
Step 1: a rousing target – 40,000 trees in the first year. And then more every year!
Step 2: Building credibility – through a broad coalition of world-class forestry experts and climate researchers.
Step 3: Create reach without budget! Through influential multipliers who support the action – suddenly everyone talked about it!
Step 4: Invite to participate – a tradition must take everyone.