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Theater by telephone

Theater by telephone

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Skudras metropole

The Event

A unique, experimental adventure – a one-day audio theater, created in an extraordinary situation. Five actors call listeners who become part of the event.

Not a few hours of a regular show, but a whole day’s adventure.
Especially exclusive feeling. A personal call from popular actors, which provided a new experience for both the listeners and the actors themselves. During the performance, the listeners, before the actors’ calls, received sms with tasks, becoming the participants of the event themselves.
Listeners could be at home and together with the actor cry, laugh, party, to grieve and even dance without being together. All scenography functions were performed by the listeners themselves, performing the tasks given by sms. For example – turn off the lights, open windows to hear noises, turn on music, turn on the water taps, look in the mirror and so on. The show was successful in Latvia, and at the same time in other countries, because you can call almost anywhere.