Client company:
Investment and Development Agency of Latvia
Organising company:

The Event

The idea was to present Latvia as a well- kept secret on the world map. The goal was to strengthen Latvia’s image and ensure that Asia, US include Latvia in the list of priority travel destinations.

The idea was to present Latvia as a special and mysterious place, which attracts travellers and those seeking inspiration.
The event consisted of interconnected episodes in which Latvian culture, creativity, nature, taste, traditions and even Latvian landscapes were revealed.
As we could not take our guests to the forest or the sea, but it was the key to convey our sense of authenticity of the land, the landscapes and nature of Latvia were brought to the venue. Premises – transformed into a forest. Tables – made of real grass. Clouds-edible. Stones-talking. Artistic performances integrated Latvian landscapes-morning mist, smell of grass after rain, and so on. Gastronomic delights-edible seashells, chestnuts and leaves. For days, experiments were conducted to ensure that the food tastes good and resembles pine needles, leaves, etc. Together with scientists and using modern technology, we were able to create talking stones. In other words, to reflect Latvia’s values in an innovative way