Client company:
Ipsy Cosmetics

The Event

Transitioning from an online focus into a tangible, experiential based outreach, Ipsy cosmetics completely revamped their approach to serving their member base while simultaneously seeking new ispters

To leverage an already robust social media footprint, Ipsy engaged three influencers with a combined 13 million followers across their various social channels. Gabriel Zamora, Nikita Dragun and Bailey Sarian each used their platform to encourage their followers to visit Destination Ipsy and a resulting meet and greet and photo opportunity. Each of the three influencers and the meet-and-greet/photo op were all also supported by Ipsy’s social media plan of pre-event posts including and announcement of the event, calendar reminder and a post dedicated to pushing the meet and greet with the individual social influencer.

This comprehensive social plan of engagement greatly impacted the tangible and anecdotal results of the program and provided the foundation to a more robust 2020 and 2021 event plan with 16+ total events planned for both years.