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ŠKODA Goodness Car

ŠKODA Goodness Car

Client company:
ŠKODA Turkey
Organising company:
Happy People Project

The Event

Digital integrated engagement event, targeted all škoda users and animal lovers. We aimed to create awareness for stray animals and gain brand familarity.

Turkish people, who are known for their love of stray animals, started to worry about not being able to feed the stray animals which they would normally feed in front of their stores, start their days together and keep their food and water bowls full at all times. So we used our test vehicles, which were sitting idle with almost no foot traffic to our showrooms due to the pandemic, to solve this problem. We branded five of our test vehicles as “Goodness Car” and put them in service for “goodness”; for those who felt sad because they were not able to go and feed the stray animals, those who try to be good. We launched our campaign on Instagram on April 21st.
We introduced the “Goodness Car” as a brand new Skoda model vehicle, with specifications such as “Active Urban Goodness System” as technology, “Reaches a happy face in one second” as acceleration, “Superior spacious interior, as wide as your heart” for interior measurements.