Czech Republic
Client company:
Axis Communications
Organising company:
XLAB and Happenee

The Event

A virtual roadshow streamed across various world regions featuring numerous engagement options. Over 60 speakers (pre-recorded and live) spoke in 11 languages, with the platform being translated to 8.

Axis – fully virtual. The idea behind each part of the event was to make the audience as immersed and engaged in this virtual event as if they are at the in-person event. The series of sales and product education events was entirely client centered, letting the participats touch upon what Axis as a brand is. Walking into a virtual lobby of a building looking almost exactly as the new Axis HQ in Lund, decorated in Axis colors as well. The participants got to watch a live event (accompanied by interactive features such as chat and written Q&As) full of industry-focused talks connecting Axis and guests speakers with and without greenscreen in one virtual studio. The event environment itself led people to talk to Axis reps 1on1 or learn from an on-demand content presented in Axis rooms. Additionally, it led participants to sponsors’ exhibition booths. The choice of engagement varied from event to event, including activities requiring breakout rooms, such as escape room game.