Client company:
Milestone Systems
Organising company:

The Event

A 2-day virtual event broadcasted live from a customised digital platform across 3 timezones with 6.050 viewers overall. Green screen recordings from 8 different locations wordwide.

To access and view MIPS 2021 all participants had to register and log on to a digital platform. Milestone Systems is a leading provider of open platform video management software, which is usely linked to surveillance and security. Where do we generally have surveillance and security? In larger urban areas and cities. We wanted to create a concept and a thematised “universe” within the platform that was coherent and directly related to the Milestone brand and services, which manifested itself with the creation of an interactive tailor-made 3D city. We designed and animated a 3D city with multiple areas and locations such as streets, parks, bus stops, roof tops, office spaces and event outer space from where the host and speakers could be animated into. The overall idea with the 3D city was to host the event in a virtual surrounding that would reflect Milestone as a whole and create a direct link to content of the various sessions.