Client company:

The Event

CARIAD, the Volkswagen Group’s software powerhouse, debuted at IAA Mobility ’21 with its first physical brand experience and welcomed the international industry scene to its official press conference.

The creative idea behind the CARIAD Brand Experience was derived from software development, in line with the companies core business. The so-called Tier 3 Architecture, known from agile software development, served as a framework and red thread for the design and content of the booth. Stand layout, architecture and interior design were arranged in the presentation layer, guest experience, content and activation in the business layer and the digital extension to social media as well as the interlinking with the digital twin in the data layer. It was also important to emphasize the coding DNA of the brand through the bold use of the new developed corporate typography “I AM DIGITAL” and to convey the omnipresence of electrification and digitalization at CARIAD. For this reason in particular, a large-scale, immersive mediatecture combined with light as a design element in form of an illuminated outer shell were more than eye candy – they transported the image intuitively.