Nikolaj Kuznetzov. The Man. The Legend.

Nikolaj Kuznetzov. The Man. The Legend.

Client company:
Saint Cathrine Foundation
Organising company:
Simmetrico - Illogic

Category Winner

The Event

“Nikolaj Kuznetzov. The man. The legend.” is an exhibition dedicated to the new generations. It tells of a 20th-century hero engaging the public with advanced interactive and immersive technologies.

To recount the story of Nikolaj Kuznetzov, Simmetrico created an immersive environment, rich in innovative technological elements. The peculiarity of the triangular space was fully exploited for the development of the visitors’ experience. On one side of the exhibition, a large interactive wall tells of the geopolitical context of WWII, where agent Kuznetzov’s missions took place. On the other side, the equipment of the spy – a telegraph, a typewriter, and a radio – give the visitor a chance to try the job of the secret agent firsthand. Along the central path, the visitor meets Nikolaj Kuznetzov, first through three interactive dossiers that tell his story, then, in the apex of the triangle, with a holographic theatre. Here, the performance of a Russian actor playing the agent, enables a final poetic and intimate encounter with the Man beyond the legend.