The Power to Change – Galp Energisers Summit 2020

The Power to Change – Galp Energisers Summit 2020

Client company:
Organising company:
Desafio Global

The Event

Develop and transform this year’s staff meeting into a unique event with innovative, sustainable and pioneering new features and concepts.

The creative concept for this event was developed by McCann based
on the premise that Galp inspires the general public by stating that “today is a great day to change”, and
it can also inspire itself in this vein. It is just as important to use a strong argument as to
put it into practice. A company that wants to evolve constantly needs to stimulate change. To achieve this, it is first essential to stimulate people. The changes and consequent transformations depend on them if they are to happen.

It is precisely for this reason that the “The Power to Change” concept was developed for this event, consequently placing the power of transforming the company into the hands of all Galp employees.

In terms of technological innovation, LED wristbands that surprised the audience during the event and the silent conference system that allow multiple workshops to occur in the same venue at the same time, were some of the disruptive and innovative things that made this event unique.