Client company:
Volkswagen AG

The Event

For the market launch of the ID.5, we rigorously continued Volkswagen’s WAY TO ZERO to become a 100% sustainable company by creating our most sustainable, fully digital dealer training event.

The Digital ID.5 Experience is based around the idea of us wanting to take digital event experiences to a whole new level. Not just to rely on standard tools and platforms, but pushing the boundaries of what has been achieved with digital events so far. That’s why we went out to create our very own, highly immersive and unique training platform, that is unlike any other digital event platform on the market.
A framework that is tailor made to the needs of our participants and that conveys the knowledge needed to be able to sell the car in the best way possible. A platform that combines e-learning with entertainment, exploration with information and awards people for their learning progress with competitive gamification elements. A platform that participants could browse at their own pace and with the freedom to explore all content in the order that suits their needs best. More interactive, more efficient, more effective and more immersive than ever.