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Apprentiscène is an event promoting apprenticeship through theater. Apprentices write and play a 3 minutes skit on stage supervised by a director to improve their soft skills within their compan

Apprentiscène is first and foremost an educational operation which aims to give young people in apprenticeship soft skills useful for their professional integration (oral expression, posture, enunciation, self-confidence, etc). In 20 hours allocated over 5 months, each group has to write a 3-minute skit related to their profession, their studies or a society concern, supervised by stage director.
Apprentiscène is also an operation promoting apprenticeship. Groups of five to seven apprentices go on stage at a prestigious Parisian theater. There are a total of twelve skits that form a one hour show opened to the public (500 people per evening on average).

A jury of professionals of the world of education, business and entertainment select two groups each evening. The selected group will have the opportunity to replay their skit during the final.

This event allows apprenticeship to gain visibility but also to allow young people to gain further skills