Client company:
SD Worx SME Belgium
Organising company:
The Oval Office

The Event

To thank their employees and clients SD Worx celebrated their 15th anniversary by organizing 81 intimate concerts. In 1 night, in living rooms of 81 employees. The audience: employees & clients.

The objective of the initial question was to thank the customers for their confidence over the past 15 years, that is why SD Worx wanted to give a huge party. We evaluated the question and decided that what we were asked was not a match with the DNA of SD Worx SME e.g. proximity. That is why we broke the briefing and came up with a different concept. We wanted to thank as many customers and employees in a personal and surprising way.

The Oval Office proposed a live-communication approach that had a much greater impact than what could be achieved with just a big party:
The employees of SD Worx had to open their living rooms for an intimate concert together with the customers. The result: 81 living room concerts spread over Belgium. A living room concert itself is maybe not that innovative, but the fact that the concerts were all organized on one evening at the same time in the living rooms of SD Worx employees, together with their clients as guests, is.