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Four Elements Challenge

Four Elements Challenge

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The Event

The incentive tour to Cappadocia for 150 employees of iDeas IT company from several countries in March 2019. The objective – emotional shake for the team before new joint professional assignment.

What does a long-established team need to start working in harmony in new re-formatted groups and to feel readiness for professional challenges and changes? The answer is: not just to leave but to rush out its shell. To go through fire and water. How? Literally. However, we decided to take it a step further and to conquer all 4 elements.
Number 4 became sacral: preparation to 4 new projects, 4 days of the event, 4 teams and challenging 4 elements.
Where? We’ve chosen a unique place where all 4 elements are united – CAPPADOCIA.
For 24 hours, iDeals employees were staying at the peak of their emotions: under the ground, on earth and in the sky.
Only when they overcame the power of all four natural forces and activated four elements, they finally became aware of the power hidden in them.
Then it was time to disclose the main secret – the mystery of the Fifth Element.
The employees themselves became this Element. The international team of iDeals that is capable to do anything.