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KFC Sanders’ TOP League

KFC Sanders’ TOP League

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The Event

Format: Creative contest between KFC employees from all over Russia and CIS&CEE.
Audience: 1500 employees
Objectives: recognition, motivation and engagement of the team

From year to year, the format of the creative duel between the teams consisting of employees remains unchanged. Moreover, every year teams are created from employees of 34 countries and this is also a challenge. The preparation not only gives creative realization to the participants, but also creates a powerful internal communication between representatives of completely different regions, establishes the strongest emotional connections within the multi-thousand collective.
The context genre is changing from year to year. In 2019, it was a dance battle, which overlapped with the increasing trend of dancing in the country.
The creative concept of Sandres ’TOP League was primarily inspired by the brand’s relaunch, which itself is an event of a planetary scale, and in addition, once again emphasized that the level of the show can only be TOP. The participants subscribed to this challenge, and the audience’s expectations were once again justified.