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The Event

To reveal their new food processor, Thermomix has invited their customer advisers and clients to the « Grand Show Thermostars »
The aim: Position the brand as the leader of the culinary experience.

The agency has created the 1st brand event for the entire ecosystem. With the August 1st reveal of the food processor during a preview for the advisors on the 1st day of the event then to all of the ecosystem during day 2 with a culinary trade exhibit that presents the product as well as today’s and major future food trends. Thus proving that Thermomix is an expert of the culinary experience.
The major trends are presented through 4 moments of life (breakfast, the market, snack, diner).
In each corner, product discovery workshops, startup demonstrations, innovative animations such as mapping, 3D candy impressions, master chef podcasts, thematic conferences, fun animations such as yoga to better digest or classes on Instagram food images, toppings classes, discovery of world food… As well as a cooking contest to see the product that is used in a live format.